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FI 101

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Office: FI 106B



Visual Communication IV

Stop-Motion                          15%


              Idiom List:

              Oliver Amyakar           "once in a blue moon"

              Allison Borrud             "every cloud has a silver lining"

              Jackie Cook                "a drop in the bucket"

              Daniela Dimitrova      "to make a long story short"

              Meghan Faulkner       "dark horse"

              Sophia Greif                 "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

              Dmitriy Kazantsev      "a wolf in sheep's clothing"

              Nicolas Mansfield      "kick the bucket"

              Kristina Matuska        "crack someone up"

              Lee Paluzzi                "back to the drawing board"

              Owen Richard           "cast iron stomach"

              Anna Schneider        "a picture is worth a thousand words"

              Alyssa Walker            "a taste of your own medicine"

              Billy Walsworth          "gilding the lily"

              Ashley Ziencina          "don't judge a book by its cover"



Music Interpretation          20%


              Group 1                     "Endless Story About Sun and Moon"

              Oliver Amyakar          by Kai Engel

              Allison Borrud

              Jackie Cook

              Daniela Dimitrova


              Group 2                     "Waking Up (Instrumental)"

              Meghan Faulkner       by Dexter Britain

              Sophia Greif

              Dmitriy Kazantsev


              Group 3                     "Upbeat"

              Nicolas Mansfield      by Jon Luc Hefferman

              Kristina Matuska

              Lee Paluzzi

              Owen Richard


              Group 4                    "Something Small (Instrumental)"

              Anna Schneider         by Minden

              Alyssa Walker

              Billy Walsworth

              Ashley Ziencina



Type Specimen                     25%



Product Video                       30%



Participation                         10%