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FI 101

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Tues/Thurs 2:30-4:00pm

Office: FI 106B



Visual Communication IV

Students have been asked to create process blogs that will showcase their work from the course. Blogs will include research, ideation, drafts of storyboards, sketches, finalized storyboards, and final animated short films.



Current Student Process Blogs:


Oliver Amyakar

Allison Borrud

Jackie Cook

Daniela Dimitrova

Meghan Faulkner

Sophia Greif

Dmitriy Kazantsev

Nicolas Mansfield

Kristina Matuska

Lee Paluzzi

Owen Richard

Anna Schneider

Alyssa Walker

Billy Walsworth

Ashley Ziencina




Previous Student Process Blogs:


Yuya Era

Mack Stromme

Miriam Gootherts

Kelly Quesnel

Paris Spence

Dylan Vogel