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Visual Communication IV


Projects Section B

Stop-Motion                          15%


Idiom List:

Hannah Amundson                "Crack someone up"

Anastasia Brower                     "You are what you eat"

Lydia Charleston                      "Tie the knot"

Hannah Chute                           "Hit the books"

Whitney Flinn                              "Pull wool over someones eyes"

Breanna Fuqua                          "Hair of the dog"

Jeffrey Gilliland                           "It's raining cats and dogs"

Masako Inoue                            "A piece of cake"

Jacobson, Dillon James          "holy mackerel"

Lawless, Jessie Morgan

Reese Murakami                       "A ghost town"

Luka Poletaeva                          "Chow down"

Hannah Shaffer                          "Bad egg"

Hunter Smith                              "Speak of the devil"

Nikki Swift                                     "You can't judge a book by its cover"

Madellen Szymborski             "The ball is in your court"

Lydia Taron                                 "The last straw"

Julian Tennyson                         "Grass widow"



Music Interpretation          20%


              Group 1                              "Exploder One"

Lydia Charleston              by Good Old Neon

Hannah Chute

Anastasia Brower

Hannah Amundson



              Group 2                              "Hollow Grove (Instrumental)"

Jeffrey Gilliland                   by Josh Wooward

Whitney Flinn

Masako Inoue

Breanna Fuqua



              Group 3                              "Mississippi Turn-Around"

Luka Poletaeva                  by Nick Jaina

Dillon Jacobson

Jessie Lawless

Reese Murakami



              Group 4                              "Voodoo Machine"

Hannah Shaffer                by Lavoura

Hunter Smith

Nikki Swift

Madellen Szymborski

Lydia Taron       

Julian Tennyson



Type Specimen                     25%



Product Video                       30%



Participation                         10%