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Visual Communication IV


Projects Section A

Stop-Motion                          15%


Idiom List:

Annie Boush                                "High five"

Cole Campion                             "Drive somebody up a wall"

Emily Chan                                    "Back to square one"

Owen Craft                                   "A piece of cake"

Annie Dufner-Koons               "Icing on the cake"

Austin Giles                           "A drop in the bucket"

Bradley Griffin                            "Buy a lemon"

Faith Hua                                       "Don't judge a book by its cover"

Bailey Lehtinen                          "Baker's dozen"

Brianna Logan                           "Out of the blue"

Spencer McFarland                "Cry wolf"

George Siler                                "Drink like a fish"

Paul Von Zimmerman           "Rose colored glasses"

Joyce Voraphongphibul        "Scapegoat"



Music Interpretation          20%


              Group 1                    "This whole world loves me (Instrumental)"

Annie Boush          by Minden

Cole Campion

Emily Chan

Owen Craft


              Group 2                    "At the lab we work and play"

Faith Hua                 by Good Old Neon

Bradley Griffin

Austin Giles

Annie Dufner-Koons


              Group 3                         "Catchin          ley Lehtinen          by Psychadelik Pedestrian

Brianna Logan

Spencer McFarland

George Siler

Paul Von Zimmerman

Joyce Voraphongphibul   



Type Specimen                     25%



Product Video                       30%



Participation                         10%